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Sandra Bowman

Sandra has traveled extensively for the past 10 years and can hunt out a deal like the true traveling diva that she is. She has visited over 20 states and traveled to over 10 countries. Her favorite being the Curacao.  

Her first cruise didn't happen until she turned 50 but she has been hooked ever since. Not one to let motion sickness stop her, she flies everywhere and cruises whenever she gets the chance. 

Except for the love she has for her grandchildren, children and shoes; her next love is for traveling.

Alex Chambers

Alex has traveled and planned well over 20 trips in his lifetime. He has traveled to at least 10 states and over 10 countries while visiting families and taking cruises. 

His favorite city is Fort Lauderdale and he enjoys zip lining, learning the new line dance and ATV'ing. 

By owning his own travel company before, he knows how to find the best deal for your group, family or business

Lisa Bullard

Lisa is the West coast addition to our team. She comes highly qualified in the travel industry since 2017. She has retired from her government status after 30 years and wants to help travelers find their vacation; whether its down the street or across the country.

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